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Full-service paint shop for sculptural art, icons, and architectural/design elements.Utilizing all coating systems and methods, we can meet the specific needs of each project, i.e., color, texture, gloss level, and longevity.

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The paint finish on a sculpture is the first impression and an integral part of the artist's work. We help artists realize their vision in color, sheen, and texture. With over 30 years of experience, we can create or match any desired finish while choosing the paint system that is best suited for each sculpture. With quality always at the forefront, attention to detail and execution at the highest level are our standards. ​We strive to help inspire artists with unlimited possibilities. Our responsibility is to maintain the artist's original intent when performing a restoration. All work is done to their original standards.


Our Services

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Color, Sheen & Texture


Body Work



Protective Clear Coat

Metal Work


New Fabrication

Restoration & Repair

Custom Paint Booth

Experienced in All Spray-Applied Finishes

On-Site Services

Cleaning & Maintenance


Paint & Finish on All Substrates

In-house and on-site capabilities

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